• photo of Michael Zakuta

    Michael Zakuta

    Chief Executive Officer and Trustee

    Jim Drake

    Chief Financial Officer
    photo of James Petrie

    James Petrie

    Executive Vice President and
    Chief Operating Officer
    photo of Peter Mackenzie

    Peter Mackenzie

    Executive Vice President and Chief
    Investment Officer
  • photo of Earl Brewer

    Earl Brewer

    Chairman and Trustee

    Kimberly Strange

    Secretary and Corporate Counsel
    photo of Denis Losier

    Denis Losier

  • photo to of Stephen Johnson

    Stephen Johnson

    photo of Barbara Trenholm

    Barbara Trenholm

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of base rent revenue
of properties in Ontario and Québec
of gross rents are
from National retailers.

We create value where it once did not exist.

The power of our platform enables complicated projects to be up and running quickly, and in so doing, fulfilling the property’s value potential.
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