esg statement

Our goal is to deliver prosperity for all our stakeholders – including our investors, colleagues, retail partners and the communities we serve.

This, of course, should never come at the cost of conducting ourselves in a manner that isn’t environmentally and socially responsible, accountable and ethical in every aspect of our business. We wouldn’t have it any other way, because it’s been how we’ve done it since day one.


Environmentally and socially responsible,
accountable and ethical.

Environmental Responsibility

  • We consider it our mandate to invest in an environmentally prudent manner and conduct environmental site assessments on each property we acquire;
  • We have a proven track record of cleaning-up and redeveloping contaminated brownfield sites;
  • We develop safe, practical, and long-term sustainable projects;
  • We build to latest industry standards and processes;
  • We create a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly shopping destinations; and
  • With internalized property management, we continue post-development to look for ways to improve efficiency at our sites, including through energy conservation measures.

Social Responsibility and Community Investment

  • We know our success is driven by our people and we strive to provide a safe, happy and healthy working environment for all of our colleagues where everyone is treated equally and with respect;
  • We are committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion in the workplace;
  • Just as we conduct ourselves in our affairs, we require all external contractors to comply with occupational, health, and safety laws and regulations on-site;
  • For our tenants and the communities we serve, we are committed to offering safe places to shop by providing safe pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle access, secure and well-lit common areas and clean environments on our sites; and
  • We are dedicated to supporting fundraising for community-based charities and organizations.

Governance and Ethical Business Conduct

  • Our board of trustees believes sound governance practices to be essential to our success and the board is committed to fostering an environment of good governance;
  • We have a written code of business conduct and ethics which governs how we conduct ourselves in all our affairs; and
  • We conduct business with integrity, transparency, and are committed to maintaining the highest standard of legal and ethical conduct.

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A great strength of ours is our entrepreneurial spirit. We have a stream-lined approval process and are transparent. We get things done.

Bill Bilkas – VP Ontario Development