Leasing Contacts

Plaza focuses on retail properties that offer basic goods and services and generate strong, repeat customer traffic. Our goal is to provide every tenant with the “right” location. Plaza has built strong relationships with its retail tenants because it has consistently lived up to its commitments.

Should you have a leasing question, please contact any member of our leasing team below:


Myles Martin
Senior Vice President

Direct (506) 444-6447
Cell (506) 461-3133
Email: myles.martin@plaza.ca

Verna Bulley
Leasing Manager

Direct (902) 434-5769
Cell (902) 456-2865
Email: verna.bulley@plaza.ca

Jim Pushie
Leasing Manager

Direct (902) 481-5548
Cell (902) 478-1962
Email: jim.pushie@plaza.ca

Brian Wall
Leasing Representative

Cell (506) 461-6456
Email: brian.wall@plaza.ca


Susan Henderson
Leasing Manager

Direct (514) 457-0997 ext 2246
Cell (514) 608-8079
Email: susan.henderson@plaza.ca

Tracy Fraser
Leasing Manager
Direct (514) 457-7007 ext. 2227
Cell (514) 601-5892
Email: tracy.j.fraser@plaza.ca


Bill Bilkas
Vice President Development

Cell (416) 768-2895
Email: bill.bilkas@plaza.ca

Jamie Bayne
Ontario Development Assistant
Tel (416) 361-5892 ext.5101
Email: jamie.bayne@plaza.ca

Leasing Contacts